KnightRider - Night Bus Service


I have been a frequent traveller with Knightrider over the past year and have never found fault with the service.
The regular drivers are always friendly and helpful even going the extra mile on occasion, backtracking to pickup passengers who have missed the bus for legitimate reasons.

Ross Christie



Dear Sir

Due to an unfortunate set of events I was Stranded in Christchurch last evening. I am virtually blind and an ancient old lady. However KnightRider came to the rescue thanks to the efforts of a lady at the information centre.
I am writing this note to tell you of the gracious and efficient way the driver of the bus dealt with me. He was a true gentleman and made the journey excellent for me.
I was very tired having flown down from the North Island and this note is to express my appreciation and to tell the driver he has my blessing


B. MacLean

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