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Please look at the timetables below for times of travel Christchurch - Invercargill or Invercargill - Christchurch.
Unless otherwise stated, the report times are the latest time the passenger should be at the pickup point!


Please view our Conditions of Travel and cancellation policy



Christchurch Pickup Point Report Times
Airport Outside Domestic Terminal Under Clock 5.00 pm
Central Outside the Holy Grail 88 Worcester Street 5.45 pm (NO LATER)
Hornby Caltex Opp McDonalds 6.10 pm
Rakaia Main Road 6.50 pm
Ashburton Caltex (by KFC) 7.10 pm
Hinds Pub 7.30 pm
Rangitata Tearooms 7.40 pm
Orari Tearooms 7.45 pm
Winchester Challenge Station 7.50 pm
Temuka Teapot Inn 8.00 pm
Timaru Shell Carolyn Bay 8.20 pm
St Andrews Pub 8.40 pm
Waimate Police Station 9.00 pm
Glenavy Opp Hall (North) 9.10 pm
Oamaru KFC (Tea Break)

Arrives 9.30 pm

Departs 10:00 pm

Maheno Mobil Garage 10.10 pm
Hampden Driver Change 10.30 pm
Palmerston Opp Police Station 10.40 pm
Waikouiti Pub Top of hill 10.45 pm
Waitati Main road 11.20 pm





Dundas St Dairy

Railway Station

Shell Andersons Bay

Shell Station

11.40 pm



12.00 Midnight

Milton Caltex 12.30 am
Balclutha Information Centre 1.00 am
Clinton Opp BP 1.15 am
Gore KFC 1.45 am
Mataura Opp Caltex 2.00 am
Edendale School 2.15 am
Invercargill Blue Star Taxis Arrives 3.00 am



Invercargill Pickup Point Report Times
To: Blue Star Taxis 5.45 pm
Edendale B.P. 6.15 pm
Mataura Caltex 6.25 pm
Gore Information centre 6.35 pm
Clinton B.P. Station 7.10 pm
Balclutha Information centre 7.30 pm
Milton B.P. Station 8.00 pm
Mosgiel Shell Station 8.25 pm
(Meal Break)

Shell Andersons Bay

Golden Sun Takeaway

9.10 pm
9.20 pm
9.20 pm
Waitati Main road 9.25 pm
Waikouiti Pub top of the hill 9.45 pm
Palmerston Police Station 10.10 pm
Hampden Driver Change 10.30 pm
Maheno Mobil Station 10.45 pm
Oamaru Shell Severn 11.00 pm
Glenavy Tearooms 11.15 pm
Waimate Police Station (On Demand Only) 11.30 pm
St Andrews Pub 11.40 pm
Timaru Shell Carolyn Bay 12.00 Midnight
Temuka Teapot Inn 0.15 am
Winchester Mobil Station 0.20 am
Orari Tearooms 0.30 am
Rangitata Tearooms 0.45 am
Hinds Pub 0.55 am
Ashburton Shell West Street 1.15 am
Rakaia Mobil Station 1.45 am


Dennys Restaurant


Caltex (Opp McDonalds)

By Arrangement
Square Holy Grail
By Arrangement Only


2.30 am Approx



3.00 am Approx



Service runs Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from Christchurch and Invercargill.


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