Kettlebell Swing vs Bulgarian Bag Swing vs Power Bag Swing

The Single Arm Kettlebell Swing

The single arm Kettlebell swing is a variation of the regular swing and just as effective in training the shoulder muscles, back region, hips, glutes and your legs.

The movement is similar to the regular swing but done with one hand. This makes the move more challenging and also tones the arms.

Moreover, the workout is just perfect for training both sides of the body uniformly as you use alternate hands.

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The Bulgarian Swing

The Bulgarian bag swing is a similar movement to the kettlebell swing, except there are are some slight differences.

The Bulgarian bag is very effective for swinging movements due to it’s unique shape and long handles, the Bulgarian bag is an extremely versatile piece of kit to have in your training arsenal.

Because the bag is longer, you will need to stand with your feet wider to allow enough space for the bag to swing through the legs.

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Power Bag Swing

The power bag swing is the least effective bag training tool of the three for performing swinging movements.

The power bag is much more suited for push / pull type of movements unlike it counterpart the Bulgarian bag.

To swing a power bag, you would need to position the bag so that it swing through the legs vertically.