Getting Started With Indian Club Training

I’ve been working out a lot lately and I found this really cool training method that is used by old time Indian and Persian wrestlers, English gentlemen and even athletes in recent times. It’s called Indian clubbell fitness training!

You may have noticed people working out with these clubs on old photos or videos before because they’re so versatile they have been around for centuries.

indian clubs

Indian clubs are a great workout for your arms, shoulders and back. I have seen my flexibility, durability and mobility improve since starting to use them! Below you will find some information about this interesting form of exercise as well tips on how it can be done correctly so that everyone who wants an effective routine may enjoy all their benefits too.

Indian clubs are a great way to improve your fitness and mobility. These exercises will assist you in getting started with club swinging, so read on for more information about how they can benefit both physical well-being as well as mental clarity!

In the ancient world, warriors would train with large throwing clubs in order to prepare for battle and strengthen their arms. This tradition has continued through today’s modern day fitness culture as seen among Pehlwani style Wrestlers who use these same tools during competition time!

What started as a way for Persian Pehlwani wrestlers to train themselves and develop their arms has evolved into an international sport. To date, this practice is still prominent in countries such as Iran where it originated but also spread throughout South Asia with modifications made based on local culture – including names!

The British soldiers who had been postioned in India during the 19th century saw Pehlwani wrestlers’ practice of club swinging and brought it back to Britain. They changed their Indian clubs so that they would look more like modern day juggling pins, but with an extra handle at one end instead if wood or metal knockers like those found on today’s rackets; these new ‘Indian Clubs’ became very popular among sportsmen during what we know now as 19th century physical culture craze.

indianclubIndian Clubs made from wood, which came to the USA via Irish, Swedish, German and Dutch immigrants in 19th century has been a popular form of physical culture for centuries. The sessions were first introduced by way Mens health evangelists who found themselves with an receptive audience ready-made after their advertising efforts paid off tremendously at Americans’ taste level for looking good.

When the Irish, German and Scandinavian immigrants came to America in search of a better life they brought with them their love for physical culture. The Indian club was used by these early settlers as part-time exercise equipment while working on farms or driving ox carts back then but it soon became popularized due its many benefits that included strengthening muscles without hurting yourself through high impact workouts like running or jumping rope which can cause injury if not done correctly.

The key benefit of Indian clubbell training is that it allows for a much wider range in movement. Your shoulder sits within an socket and has limited movements with most strength exercises targeting this area employing only slight variants on the basic lift such as overhead pressing or bench press – but not so here!

The new trend among athletes around world who want better performance through rehabilitation purposes has been discovering how beneficial these types can be when done properly by adding variety into everyday workouts.

3 Biggest Benefits Of Indian Club Training

There are many clubbell training benefits, but here are my top 3;

1. The steel Indian clubbell is an excellent tool for increasing grip strength. By design, the weight of a steel clubbing weapon rests unevenly on one end while it distributes most evenly throughout its length and breadth – making this training technique perfect for challenging your hands’ as well as providing unparalleled benefits in terms increased muscular development!

2. Indian club exercises are a great way to work your fingers, hands and forearms. The Indian clubs will be in the correct position as you perform these movements so it’s also effective for grip endurance or agility!

3. The Indian club is a great tool for working on your shoulder muscles. It can be used in both traditional weightlifting movements as well as rotational ones, which will help you get more from each repetition with better form and increased stability
The use of an externally-weighted object like this allows athletes to train their entire bodies while focusing solely wrists/elbows rather than just using free weights or machines alone.

Power Bag Training Are A Full Workout in A Bag!

A power bag is a great tool for when you want to work out but don’t have the time. You can always take it with you and get your workout in on-the-go! All that’s needed are some old towels or cloths, which will allow enough space to fill up with sand.

A power bag is a versatile tool that can be used for many different workouts. It’s great because you don’t have to spend all day working out, but still get in an intense workout! Power bags are useful when you want to work on your upper and lower body at the same time or carry it around with you wherever you go so there’s no excuse not to do some exercise while waiting for someone, watching TV or reading a book.

A power bag is one of the most versatile tools available! You might think owning just weights will give enough variety in how people use their muscles; however if this were true then we would never need anything else besides dumbbells as they allow us to switch up our exercises daily.

Forget the treadmill, your workout routine is about to get a whole lot more interesting! Spend 15 minutes at home with only one power bag and you’ll be burning calories left and right.

The Dangerously Fit power bag is perfect for working out in a small apartment or home gym. It includes four 10-pound weight bags and has multiple handles so you can work on different muscle groups at the same time, making it more efficient than other forms of exercise!

power bags are the perfect weight to take with you wherever your workout may lead. Dangerously Fit power bag offers a variety of handles and weights, so no matter where or how long we’re working out, there’s always more than one way for us to mix up our routine!

Do you need to bulk up your weight routine? Look for power bags at your local gym or studio, then grab one like the Dangerously Fit power bag that includes four 10-pound weights and is perfect if you’re working out in a small space.

How To Perform the Lunge & Twist

Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding the power bag by the side handles at chest level. Step forward and lower into a lunge while twisting your torso to swing it towards right hips for momentum as you push through your heels on return back up from lunging position. Repeat other leg and switch directions of rotation in order to work both sides evenly.

Lateral lunge and front raise

Stand with your feet together holding the power bag by its side handles. Take a big step to the left and send your hips back into a low lunge, making sure that you keep an eye on where our knee is in relation to toes as well as not turning out of alignment. When you’ve made it alllll the way down use this momentum so when we return our weight from one foot to another (left -> right) we raise up onto our tippy-toes while simultaneously flipping over fists through hoops until they reach their highest point overhead!

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Cross Fit Training Benefits

Cross Fit Benefits

When deciding to go in for any type of group fitness training program one of the major expectations would be to reach your fitness goal as fast as possible.

Joining a Cross Fit will help you in this regard. It will avoid your going through stereotype exercises which would take up a lot of your time and energy. Cross Fit offers the ideal method to get faster results by identifying effective fitness routines.

In the right company

As mentioned above, because of producing faster results, people who do join Cross Fit are people who also have a quick goal achievement in mind. So you would be in the company of like-minded people, those who are serious about making improvements in their lives. A goal thus shared will bring about good support and camaraderie something you might not come across in general gym sessions.

The importance of focusing

Focus in important when enrolling in any gym program. However to benefit totally from a Cross Fit regime you would need to intensify your focus. The exercises are intense and targeted at helping you to tone up and lose weight in a short period of time. So you would need to concentrate more and keep your goal in mind at all times.

How will Cross Fit affect your lifestyle?

Once you set your eyes firmly on the goal you want to achieve, it will in all probability help to change your lifestyle. You will realise the importance of proper exercise, nutrition and diet to achieve the fitness levels you are looking for.

In comparison, fitness gyms provide for a good workout, will not give you the same inter-connectedness you will experience in a Cross Fit.

The difference

There is a marked difference in fitness outcomes between regular fitness sessions and bootcamps. Fitness sessions in gyms are mostly a way of keeping fit and in good shape. Whereas Cross Fit will help you to give your best effort, and develop a more pronounced sense of determination and responsibility.

It helps you to increase the pressure on your efforts and makes you more motivated and involved. This is because it is a group effort and there is one trainer for all the participants.

The actual workout

A Cross Fit workout is extremely intense and diverse. This helps to keep participants on their toes. In a regular a gym session most people tend to reach a plateau and lose some of their motivation. As bootcamp sessions are progressive and go through several changes, you will find the mix challenging and so give of your best to benefit from the same.


If you do decide to join Cross Fit and do not have any prior idea of what you are getting into, you should not hold back from raising pertinent queries such as benefits you will obtain, session structure and other facilities. Such prior information will help you to fit in with the other participants. What you can be assured of is that the camp instructors will not pull you up for any lapses, instead they will ensure that you get whatever advice and help you require.

Kettlebell Swing vs Bulgarian Bag Swing vs Power Bag Swing

The Single Arm Kettlebell Swing

The single arm Kettlebell swing is a variation of the regular swing and just as effective in training the shoulder muscles, back region, hips, glutes and your legs.

The movement is similar to the regular swing but done with one hand. This makes the move more challenging and also tones the arms.

Moreover, the workout is just perfect for training both sides of the body uniformly as you use alternate hands.

The Dangerously Fit pro grade kettlebell is the best in the business with it’s unique hollow design making it the most balanced kettlebell on the market!

The Bulgarian Swing

The Bulgarian bag swing is a similar movement to the kettlebell swing, except there are are some slight differences.

The Bulgarian bag is very effective for swinging movements due to it’s unique shape and long handles, the Bulgarian bag is an extremely versatile piece of kit to have in your training arsenal.

Because the bag is longer, you will need to stand with your feet wider to allow enough space for the bag to swing through the legs.

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Power Bag Swing

The power bag swing is the least effective bag training tool of the three for performing swinging movements.

The power bag is much more suited for push / pull type of movements unlike it counterpart the Bulgarian bag.

To swing a power bag, you would need to position the bag so that it swing through the legs vertically.

Functional Training Fitness Courses

Functional Training Fitness Courses

The right fitness training courses can help you get proper knowledge to be versatile in this field.

For example: Assessing a Clients Squat

Squat assessment is an important part of a workout program. Since every client that a personal trainer is different with a different set of abilities, body structures, fitness levels and even dysfunctions, it is important to do a proper assessment of the squats and any of its variations that are done by the client. The right fitness training courses can help you get proper knowledge to be versatile in this field.

Getting started

The starting position for a squat assessment must be when your client is standing with both their feet forward and shoulder width apart. Their arms should be above the head and eyes must be straightforward. Ask them to descend by pushing their hips back. Care must be taken to see that their heels must be on the ground.

Head position

The head of the client must remain in the midline when viewed from the anterior or posterior side. It is important to note that forward head posture is associated with shoulder pain, neck aches and mandibular joint dysfunction. Dangerously Fit certifications will teach you the importance of the assessment of head position while performing the squats.

Upper back position

It is crucial to maintain the scapular and upper back in an appropriate position by maintaining a subtly extended thoracic spine posture and a chest up posture. It is important to assess the client’s position for any scapula protraction or rounding of shoulders and mace training.

The Dangerously Fit Academy has many courses including steel clubs, kettlebell, Bulgarian Bags, Indian Clubs and

Low back position

When you do a client’s squat assessment, it is important to note that the low back position must be neutral and a little lordosis is important. If lumbar lordosis is lost, intravertebral disc pressure will increase, which will lead to loss of proper support. Visit:

Pelvic position

A personal trainer should know the importance of assessing pelvic rotation or tilting since this can be a compensation for low back musculature. Dangerously Fit teach you to monitor the level of hips in relation to the floor. It is crucial for the client to have appropriate pelvic alignment in order to lower the risk of injuries.

Toe and Knee alignment

When a client performs a squat, assess the toe and knee for alignment from the posterior and anterior views. If the outside of the client’s knee goes beyond their medial malleolus, this dysfunction can be due to hip muscular weakness.

Tibial translation

When a client is performing a squat, the personal trainer must assess the spine and tibia to ensure they’re in parallel alignment. It is time to choose from the many fitness training courses available in the market to know how a squat must be assessed.

Foot position

It is important that the client’s toes must be on the ground. The client’s stance must be feet forward and shoulder width apart. At this position, the client’s squat must be assessed from the lateral, posterior and anterior view.

As a personal trainer, it is your responsibility to monitor the clients during their workouts and ensure that their movements are pain free. Choose from the various fitness training courses to get more insights into how to monitor squats and assess your clients and help them get the most from their workout sessions.

Kettlebell Courses are Great for Circuit Training

Kettlebell workouts combine different types of kettlebell exercises into one great functional fitness workout. Kettlebell training is a proven way of conditioning your entire body through a combination of high and low-intensity metcon exercises. The prime focus of kettlebell training is building muscular endurance and overall strength.

A set of different exercises comprise a circuit. As a participant, you will have to repeat each exercise in your circuit for a preset number of times. For example, a particular circuit may comprise squats; lunges; sit-ups; stomach crunches; squat jumps or bench press.


In order to complete this circuit, you will have to repeat each exercise as many times as instructed by your kettlebell personal trainer. You then move on to another circuit that may comprise burpees; skipping or squat thrusts for a total-body workout.

Most Brisbane kettlebell qualifications teach students how to effectively run fitness boot camps.

There is little interval in-between circuits which means your cardiac rate, metabolic rate, and blood circulation remain at an all-time high thereby dramatically improving your cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance.

Functional Training CEC course is a Great Option for Outdoor Activity

Any kind of physical activity that is performed outdoors has significantly more benefits for your physical and mental health as compared to indoor activities. This is because, when you work out amidst nature, you benefit from the fresh natural surroundings which will make you feel energized and invigorated the moment you step on to the grass or the beach.

Kettlebell Courses Teach Circuit Training

Most personal trainer courses teach students how to effectively run fitness boot camps.

There is little interval in-between circuits which means your cardiac rate, metabolic rate, and blood circulation remain at an all-time high thereby dramatically improving your cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance.

Kettlebell Courses are a Great Option for Outdoor Activity

Any kind of physical activity that is performed outdoors has significantly more benefits for your physical and mental health as compared to indoor activities. This is because, when you work out amidst nature, you benefit from the fresh natural surroundings which will make you feel energized and invigorated the moment you step on to the grass or the beach. Add to that the continuous exposure to sunlight which is the best source of natural Vitamin D for your bones.

Kettlebell training offers Comprehensive Personalized Training at an Affordable Cost

Another reason why fitness boot camps are so effective is that you can actually continue your training at a boot camp without going bankrupt. Consistency is extremely important if you want to see results.

At a boot camp, you share the costs with other team members which make it so affordable. Secondly, kettlebell training emphasizes simple yet highly effective workouts that require little or no equipment. This means once you learn the moves you can practice them anytime, anywhere throughout your life.

And lastly, personal trainers are the people who really make all the difference. You can discuss your fitness issues with them, train under their expert guidance, benefit from practical and innovative nutritional advice and learn how to de-stress your mind.

Continuous exposure to sunlight which is the best source of natural Vitamin D for your bones.

Making A Career Shift to Become a Personal Trainer

Do you hate your job and find it unrewarding and mundane? If so, do justice to yourself and select a career that is exciting, engaging, ever-expanding and highly rewarding (both in terms of money and job satisfaction).

Making a career shift at the right time can change your life in extraordinary ways you could never have imagined. It gives you a new perspective to life, allows your passions to thrive and enables you to earn enough to maintain a good lifestyle.

One of the best career shift decisions you can make is to leave your old job and become a certified personal trainer. Enroll for personal trainer courses today and see how it can help you select the right career. Be sure to visit PT Supremacy Courses for more information on whether or not you want to become a personal trainer and the fitness marketing tips that are involved.

Weigh your Choices

Just because you see so many successful personal trainers all around, don’t just take the plunge yet. You should know more about what kind of study you will have to do, the hours you have to put in, the duration, fees and so on. If possible, talk to a few trainers you know in order to understand the details of job. This will enable you to take an informed decision so that you don’t regret your choice later.

You can enroll for part-time personal trainer courses while continuing with your old job till you are convinced about a career shift.

Take the Right Decision

Considering the fact the personal trainers are much in demand, this is the right time to switch your career and enter the fitness industry. Shop around for accredited coaching institutes that offer the latest personal trainer courses.

Enroll at one as per your convenience and complete your courses in order to become certified personal trainer. Such certifications are a guarantee of your knowledge and expertise; which is what clients look for.

Being certified is almost compulsory if you want to thrive in the fitness industry and make a name for yourself.

Start as a Trainee

As a personal trainer, the health and well-being of your clients should always be at the foremost of your approach. It is crucial that you are absolutely confident of your form, technique, skills and style before you train clients full-time.

kettlebell turkish getup

To build your confidence and also learn the ropes of your profession, it is advisable to always start off as a trainee under an experienced fitness trainer. You can do this by starting off at your local gym or bootcamp or health club.

Even if you don’t participate much in the training part, you will learn a lot by just soaking in the ambience. The pay may be low but the knowledge you will imbibe is invaluable to the growth of your career.

Start on your Own

Once you have learned everything about how to start on your own, you will naturally be eager to start your own studio. Keep in mind that once you are on your own, you will have to master the art of managing your finances.

There will be lean months and months when you will just not be able to cope with the surge in clients. Plan your monthly expenses accordingly so that you are never short of cash.

Different Types of Online Personal Training Styles

Online personal trainers are fitness professionals who help clients realise their fitness goals and lead a better life. You are more likely to get time-bound results and see a vast improvement in your fitness levels when you work out exclusively under an online personal trainer.

However, not all trainers are created equal and each of them has their unique style and approach. So before committing yourself to any fitness regime, it is best to know something about the different types of trainers out there and their own distinctive approach.

The Data-Obsessed Trainer
There are trainers who follow a scientific approach to fitness training to its very words. They will insist on you going through a pre-workout health checkup so that they know everything about your body without having to speculate.

They will also formulate your workout plan keeping in mind your present height, weight, body fat percentage, how many calories you burn per day, your sleep pattern, daily chores and so on. They leave nothing to chance and will ensure that your body performs at its optimum level once you are through with a few sessions under their care.



The Aggressive Trainer
This type of an online personal trainer believes in a heavy duty workout schedule in order to extract the best from his clients. He will make you go through old school; dependable workout regime comprising cardio, squats, pushups, deadpulls etc. The sessions can be grueling but extremely rewarding too and you can expect to see substantial results in real quick time.

The Cheerful Trainer
Some trainers just spread a smile the moment they enter the room. If you’re looking for an online personal trainer that has a cheerful disposition and is great to have around on days when you are low on motivation.

Your trainer will always have kind words of encouragement and will never bark orders or take an aggressive stance. With gentle motivational talk and persuasion, such a trainer ensures that even the more unfit person gradually falls in love with daily exercise.

The All-Muscle Trainer
This type of an online personal trainer is ideal for you if you are looking to hulk up and flaunt a well-sculpted body. Such a trainer prefers strength training workouts along with bodybuilding moves and weight lifting so that you can develop lean muscles all over.

Lean muscles not only give you a well-toned look but also help your body burn fat faster. Stick with this trainer if you love lifting weights and flaunting big muscles.

The Best Friend Trainer
This type of trainer takes a holistic approach to fitness training and will ensure you lead a good; healthy life all around. This means not only regular workouts but following a wholesome diet, leading a healthy lifestyle, getting adequate sleep and rest, changing your lifestyle to remain more active throughout the day and so on.

In a nutshell, this personal trainer is your best buddy if you want to bring about a real change in your life for the better. Under this trainer, you will learn how to maintain a fit and healthy body throughout your life and not just a few months.

Is Fitness Boot Camp Worth It?

Boot camps are definitely the rage in the fitness world and people are just flocking to join a camp nearest to them. But are they really worth all that hype? After all, you can join a gym or hire a trainer if you want to become fit and healthy.

But there are several benefits that push boot camp workouts much ahead of other typical fitness programmes. If you want that little ‘extra’ in your fitness routine, Burleigh Heads boot camps are definitely worth a try.

Boot Camps Educate You
A well-structured boot camp will provide you with all the information you need regarding exercise; nutrition and lifestyle management. Instructors at these camps are trained to answer all your queries and help you achieve your fitness goal successfully.

Once the sessions are over, you will be confident of maintaining your ideal weight and will have all the knowledge you require to bring in a lasting change for the better.


Boot Camps Motivate you to Push More
Fitness boot camps are ideal for you if you lack the motivation to get up and move. Instructors here know just how difficult it is for people to begin exercising and they will use a lot of pep talk to push you harder.

Even for regular gym goers, it can become boring after some time and here too boot camps are exactly what you need to join. These camps combine different styles of workouts in each and every session so that every day is a new learning experience for you. You will hardly get stuck at the fitness plateau as your instructor will mix and match moves and blend these with exciting games to keep the challenge high.

Moreover, the group atmosphere means you will have friends and teammates who will encourage you to keep going even when feel like giving up. Since everybody is part of the team, your success means success for all and you will definitely be motivated to give more than hundred percent for your team.

Boot Camps Offer a Variety of Workouts
Another benefit of joining a boot camp is the mind boggling variety of workouts on offer. This is hardly surprising as instructors at boot camps choose from all workout styles to structure the sessions. Many boot camps in Burleigh Heads you could expect to do aerobics; cardios; strength training; free hand exercises; flexibility workouts and much more; all rolled into a single session for maximum impact.

Herein lays the success of boot camps as the fitness programme never allows your body to settle into a pattern. The challenges keep changing and your body is constantly exposed to newer levels of exertion which ensures sustained weight loss in a gradual manner.

Boot Camps are Extremely Affordable
Hiring your own trainer or joining a gym with fancy equipments is expensive and can be beyond the reach of many. But Dangerously Fit Gold Coast boot camp is held in groups; comprise workouts that hardly require much equipment and use the outdoors as your training ground. All this brings down the cost significantly which is why boot camps are ideal even for those who don’t have deep pockets.

My Training with Boot Camp Bondi Beach

A Beginner’s Guide to Exercise
If you are planning to start working out, to enjoy the sessions and make positive progress you need to follow a few basic and helpful tips. Or you may wish to start working out, but are unable to find the right motivation. Using the services of a personal trainer or a fitness boot camp in Bondi could help you to overcome this hurdle.

Your reason for working out
Reasons to work out could include – keeping good general health, building muscle or, and as more often is the case, shedding extra weight. So what is your reason? Depending on the same, before you start your work out sessions, you should set a goal. If you desire to lose weight or build muscle it could take several weeks to achieve the same, or to make positive progress.

This could lead to disappointment and often total stoppage. To avoid such a situation, set a couple of short term goals – like losing maybe a kilo or two in a set time frame. Once you achieve this, you can up the ante and work on shedding a few more kilos. Building muscle also takes time – the effort should be steady and sustained. When I trained with my boot camp I saw results almost right away!

boot camp

Different workout activities
When you plan to work out it does not necessarily involve joining a gym. If there is any outdoor activity or sport that you enjoy getting involved in, it could prove an ideal choice. Activities like hiking, surfing, biking, running, skiing, rock climbing, soccer etc are all ideal for keeping you fit and active. Such activities will help you keep in shape both physically and mentally.