Different Types of Online Personal Training Styles

Online personal trainers are fitness professionals who help clients realise their fitness goals and lead a better life. You are more likely to get time-bound results and see a vast improvement in your fitness levels when you work out exclusively under an online personal trainer.

However, not all trainers are created equal and each of them has their unique style and approach. So before committing yourself to any fitness regime, it is best to know something about the different types of trainers out there and their own distinctive approach.

The Data-Obsessed Trainer
There are trainers who follow a scientific approach to fitness training to its very words. They will insist on you going through a pre-workout health checkup so that they know everything about your body without having to speculate.

They will also formulate your workout plan keeping in mind your present height, weight, body fat percentage, how many calories you burn per day, your sleep pattern, daily chores and so on. They leave nothing to chance and will ensure that your body performs at its optimum level once you are through with a few sessions under their care.



The Aggressive Trainer
This type of an online personal trainer believes in a heavy duty workout schedule in order to extract the best from his clients. He will make you go through old school; dependable workout regime comprising cardio, squats, pushups, deadpulls etc. The sessions can be grueling but extremely rewarding too and you can expect to see substantial results in real quick time.

The Cheerful Trainer
Some trainers just spread a smile the moment they enter the room. If you’re looking for an online personal trainer that has a cheerful disposition and is great to have around on days when you are low on motivation.

Your trainer will always have kind words of encouragement and will never bark orders or take an aggressive stance. With gentle motivational talk and persuasion, such a trainer ensures that even the more unfit person gradually falls in love with daily exercise.

The All-Muscle Trainer
This type of an online personal trainer is ideal for you if you are looking to hulk up and flaunt a well-sculpted body. Such a trainer prefers strength training workouts along with bodybuilding moves and weight lifting so that you can develop lean muscles all over.

Lean muscles not only give you a well-toned look but also help your body burn fat faster. Stick with this trainer if you love lifting weights and flaunting big muscles.

The Best Friend Trainer
This type of trainer takes a holistic approach to fitness training and will ensure you lead a good; healthy life all around. This means not only regular workouts but following a wholesome diet, leading a healthy lifestyle, getting adequate sleep and rest, changing your lifestyle to remain more active throughout the day and so on.

In a nutshell, this personal trainer is your best buddy if you want to bring about a real change in your life for the better. Under this trainer, you will learn how to maintain a fit and healthy body throughout your life and not just a few months.